South India Miracles 2020 ! Part 7~Sivananda Yoga Ashram in Kerala then back to Europe !

(Continued from last blog.) The next day I joined Yoga class, arranged a taxi and went to Sivananda Yoga Ashram. I felt so strongly that I should go as soon as possible. Later found out that the Ashram had stopped taking new guests. Not only foreigners, but also Indians because of government regulation of Corona. So blessed that I am just in time !!! A Miracle !

Relaxed Ganesha!

I am not a big fan of Yoga (Asana) as I like more free movement ! So I never expected to carry my Yoga mat whole day and doing Yoga so many hours everyday. But I was blessed to be inside a protected sacred space when the total severe lock down started in India with lovely international people around me.

Tropical fresh fruits salad !

Ashram food ! Water is pink color as it contains ayurvedic herbs.

My flight back to Japan has cancelled ! Total lock down in India at least 21 days. No flight, no train, no way to go back to Japan!

It is getting very very very hot in South India day by day.

I was so lucky to know that German government arranged emergency evacuation flights to collect all German tourist back to Germany from different cities in India. One flight was from Trivandrum near our ashram to Frankfurt. It was such a hard work and efforts to get in as I am not German nor EU citizen.
But at last my name was at the final boarding list !
I was so happy!!! An unexpectedly Miracle lead me back to the Netherlands !

All the shops at Trivandrum airport were closed.

New uniform of a flight attendant of Air India!

Arrived happily at Frankfurt airport ! Nearly no one except us. Arrived at night so I needed to stay at a hotel.
I was told that foreigners could not stay in hotels in Germany !!! I was in shock !!! Then the Miracle was that I met two lovely Swedish women and they found out that the Hyatt hotel accepted foreigners. I was saved ! After 3 months in India, clean nice room with so comfy bed. It was Heaven !!!

Next day I took direct train back to Amsterdam!

Happy back to Spring Holland !!!

with Love & Miracles


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