29th Sep 2023〜01 Oct 2023✨Dance Miracles retreat “Coming Home! ” at Tateshina Nagano Japan !✨

【Dates 】

29th Sep 2023 (Fri) From 16:30
30th Sep 2023 (Sat)
01  Oct 2023 (Sun) Finish after lunch around 15:00

【Place 】
Mera Nataraj at Tateshina Nagano Japan (https://nataraj.co.jp/en/#15)

【Fee】including 3 days workshop, 2 nights stay, hot spring, 5 times Vegetarian natural foods( Indian, Western) not including second day lunch

69450 yen (440 euro) for Dance Miracle repeater / or 70950 yen (450 euro) for First time for Dance Miracles

For Booking click here

Dance Miracles 3 days Retreats “Coming Home!”at Tateshina Nagano Japan ! 😊 Limited for 10 people

You are very welcome for this transformative 3 days of Miracles in this time of great earth shift !!!