Animals park in forest in North Holland !

My inner child guided me to see Flamingos ! So I went to a forest Park in Anna Paulowna in the Netherlands !

Feels good inside nature.

As I walked I saw alpaca’s ! They were so sweet !!!

Happy to see flamingos !!! They look so graceful !!!

In this park, there are shelters for animals who were saved from circuses. After recovery the animals will go back to their original home like Afrika. I looked into a small window.

Here I saw a tiger !

I talked with a beautiful peacock !

Many kinds of birds I even never have seen before.

Lemurs ! They are very close to each other, with no social distance !!!

Happy to spent time seeing with animals and birds! Beyond any human drama, animals & birds are also alive here & NOW on this beautiful planet.

With Miracles from Holland !