My favorite little museum in the mountains in Tokyo, Japan !

Hello from Tokyo ! Tokyo is not only a city, but we have a mountain area. There is my favorite little museum.

JR Musashiitsukaichi Station. 1 hour by train from the center of Tokyo.

At the back of the station, you have to walk 3 km inside a mountain area.

Wooden Angels are guiding you along the way !

Now I have arrived at the little museum.

They have lots of handmade dolls !

It feels they are alive !

There is also a Quan yin (goddess of mercy) made from Sakura tree ( cherry trees ). She will move to Malaysia in future.

Cafe inside museum reminds me of Waldorf school ( Vrije school 😊 )

Very sweet entrance door 😍!

Huge Koi fishes in the garden.

It was a sweet afternoon inside mountains in Tokyo !

With Love & Miracles