Autum Miracle Adventure!🍁〜Nagano, Yamanashi Japan✨with Video message✨

After completing Dance Miracles Retreat at Tateshina, I drove further inside the mountain area in Nagano ! Shirakaba Lake.

Here is 1500 m above sea level. I stayed in a very sweet B&B called Salut!

Next day I when I drove, I saw such an amazing panorama view! All the mountains of Japan alps, Mt. Fuji !

I visited the Suwa area in Nagano. There are 4 special shrines.

Very special sacred ancient place !

Now I drove from Nagano to the Yamanashi pref. Stayed in the Twin dormhouse. ( you can see video at below)

I went to Shosenkyo area which is in deep mountains. There is a road called Chrystal road and mountains made from chrystal. In that area, there is a sacred shrine.

Japan is such a special place with many gods and goddesses from ancient times.

Here is the video message ! ✨

I enjoyed so much the unexpected Miracles unfolding each day !

Next week I will fly to another sacred Miracle place in Japan.
I am excited how it will be guided and unfold !

with Love & Miracles