Nov 2020.✨Miracles adventure in Japan!〜Izumo & Matsue ✨

Japan is so far so blessed that I can travel anywhere I like ! So I followed my inner calling, I flew to the West of Japan.
Sky view of Mt. Fiji is so beautiful!

After 1 hour and 15 minutes, I arrived at Izumo airport.

Happy to be back to visit at Izumo shrine.

The white rabits are everywhere😊!

In Japan, we have many Japanese gods and goddesses! Very fascinating ! Different divine beings live in each temple!

Izumo is famous for Soba noodles. I always carry my own chopsticks as in Japan we use disposal ones. So much waste of trees !

Sacred site at Japan Sea.

Matsue castles with beautiful autumn colors.

Guardian angel dogs are also wearing masks !

Western style old building from Meiji era. Always good to have tea & sweets !

Finally I took the ferry to Oki island ! My destination this time !

I am excited how miracles unfold in this ancient islands !!!

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with Love & Miracles 💖✨😊