Nov 2020 ✨Miracles adventure in Japan !〜 Nishinoshima Oki island !✨

Very happy that now I arrived at Nishinoshima ! Very small island with 2000 inhabitants.

View from hotel room!

I was very lucky that I met tourists who were going to do sightseeing with a local fisherman boat. As all the tourist boats were finished in October. So I joined them ! It was very exciting to go with a small boat at the Japan Sea.

Such a beautiful powerful nature !

Happy now we have landed safely !

Dinner at the hotel ! Usually I am vegetarian, but when I travel I am flexible ! Fish fish fish dinner & also breakfast !🐠🐟🐡
I felt like I would become a fish when I woke up in the morning !!!

Fish shop at the local village. Making dried fishes.

Happy I found a very cozy nice cafe with high quality coffee !!!

Old Takuhi shrine at the top of the mountain.

I took a ferry to the nearby island called Ama island. Local people are so friendly and kind here !!!

My Miracle adventure continues to the main big Oki island!

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with Love & Miracles

Sahaja ✨