Nov 2020 ✨Miracles adventure at Oki island Japan ! 〜the island of natural wonder !✨

After having beautiful moments at Nishinoshima, now I took another ferry to the big island of Oki.

I stayed in a very special guest house, called Kusuburu House! They took me to very special spiritual spots at the island.
We went to the beach where I could find Kokuyoseki ( obsidians). These are ancient stones, which people from 13000 BC often used.
The left stone I picked, the right one is polished with diamonds by professionals.

This island is so ancient. It was born 6 million years ago ! Japan was born 20000 years ago. So still young with active volcanos. But Oki island has no volcano activity ( so NO earthquake! )

So many temples and shrines at this island.

Wooden house for fish boats.

Magical sunset at Yui beach !

Quiz ! Where is Sahaja ?😉

Happy that wherever I go I come across very cozy cafes ! 😊

Ancient tree! This tree is more than 800 years old and the miracle is that she is standing on a rock ! So not ground 🙃

There are also lakes in the middle of this island ! Special birds and trees in the deep nature.

One day I took a bycicle🚴‍♀️.

I had such a special time at Oki island with warm and kind people around me.

I am so grateful that I can right now travel so easily inside Japan !

My miracle adventure continues 〜

with Love & Miracles !