Nov 2020. ✨Miracle Adventure in Japan ! 〜 Back to Nagano !✨

When I was in Oki island, my inner voice told me that I should go back to Nagano again!
So I followed my heart💖calling. I went back to Nagano ! So happy to be back to the most amazing highlands, 1500 m above sea level !

Nagano is a big provence prefecture. But somehow I ended up visiting same place again and again ! Tateshina lake, where I always offer my retreat.😊✨

The Jomon Era lasted 13000 years, back to 16000 BC. This time people lived in harmony and women and their spritual wisdom was highly respected💖

Now most of the archaeological sites from Jomon times are covered with ground. Now just empty space or even worse they became parking area! But if you know what is underneath, you can feel the amazing energy from ancient people who lived in total peace and harmony🙏⭐️

Usually in the middle of November, this area is much cooler. But now is it so warm ! But when I visited the top of North Yatsugatake mountains, which is 2237 m above sea level, it was cold❄️

At the top of the mountains, this area reminds me of Heiau, a sacred site by ancient Hawaiian 🌺

Visited rose garden, they grow all the roses and herbs in a organic way! Their products are just like Heaven ! Roses🌹are so important flowers for feminine mystery💖

I could see all the mountains including Mt. Fuji🗻!

I had such beautiful moments in Nagano, with its mystic energy and amazing beauty of Gaia 🌏 !

Miracles continue back to mountains in Tokyo !

with Love & Miracles✨💖