19 Dec 2020.✨ Amazing Miracle Miyako Blue 💙! 〜 Miyako island, Okinawa, Japan !✨(with Video message!⭐️)

After my last real workshop in mid Dec in 2020 (Real meaning not online! In Japan I could do dance workshop as ususal ! This was Miracles in 2020 ! ) at Enoshima near Tokyo, Miracles brought me back to Miyako island !

I am so blessed to BE simply here now ! Miyako island is made by coral reef and it is famous for the amazing color of sea, called Miyako Blue 💙 !

Too beautiful 😍😍😍 beyond any words !!!

Special sacred pond.

Sunset at Kurima island !

Very soon we will have a big shift on 21th Dec 2020. I am so excited to offer my Winter Solstice online miracles !!!

Here is a new video!
with Love and Miracles ✨✨✨