Feb 2021 Happy finally back to the Netherlands🇳🇱!with so empty flight ✈️

After my flight back to Amsterdam had been cancelled in dec. 2020, now I booked a new flight! This time direct flight by KLM. But 2 days before my flight, the EU decided to delete Japan from the corona safe country list!

This means that Japanese cannot enter the Netherlands unless you have special reason. And I have special reason as I live in the Netherlands but now I needed 2 negative test results to get into the plane. One is PCR (which cost 260 euro at Narita airport if you do not make booking in advance it cost 370 euro 😫) and the other is antigen test which you need to do within 4 hours before the flight. And Narita airport does not have faculty for antigen test ! So it was very stressful. Can I go back or not? But finally KLM arranged an antigen test, so I am very happy 🤗!

Nearly all the flights to Europe from Japan have been cancelled now. So it was a Miracle that KLM is still flying✈️ !

I have never seen so many shops and counters are closed and nearly nobody at Narita airport !!!

Tully`s coffee shop was open ! I enjoyed having Soy latte ☕️. And I am the only customer !!!

Inside the plane, nearly nobody aound me !!! Usually more than 200 people are on board but this time 20 people only !!!
I flew countless time between Japan and Europe over the past 20 years, but this is a first time so empty !!!

Yay !!! Hoorey !!! Finally I arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol airport !
Very empty here also.

With mask and Joy in my heart ! I am very happy to be back to Europe again😊

Miracles continue〜

with Love 💖and Miracles ✨from the Netherlands🇳🇱