14th Feb 2021❄️Winter Snow in Mother Mary Miracle spot at Heiloo Netherlands✨(with Video message✨)

I am very happy to be back at my favorite place ! With forests, Mother Mary church and big church with shop and cafe.
Very special sacred place called Onze Lieve vrow ter Nood at Heiloo in North Holland.

If you walk further at the end you will see Mother Mary Church.

Calm peaceful energy✨👼

This place had a Maria Apparation in 14th centry and there is a very old well, at least more than 1000 years old.
Still now it is working and you can get sacred water. So many stories of Miracles of Healing !✨

This is quite a big place, with horses and animals.

Totally frozen at the pond of Mary statue. I have never seen like this before !

At big church. Ususally you can do religious 👼 shopping like Angels, books and candles and resting at cafe. But now only take away cappuccino☕️.

On the way back, I saw many people skating⛸ at the canals and lakes in the forests. I joined with my boots👢!

Here is a short video message 😊


With Love and Miracles✨✨