4 March 2021: Miracle flow brings me back from the Netherlands🇳🇱 to Japan🇯🇵 !

My stay in Europe was this time too short! One month has passed quickly!
I was thinking of extending my stay but following my inner guidance, I decided to go according to my original flight back to Japan!

Enjoyed last day on the beach at the North Sea !

In Holland, Spring is coming slowly ! From snow to spring flowers and Easter eggs !!!

With my new miracle Angels at my side, now I am ready to go back to Japan !👼👼👼

One day before my flight, I saw at the Japanese news that all the people entering from mayor European countries, have to stay in 3 days of isolation at facilities near the airport. Then they have to do a coronatest and can go home after 2 weeks isolation. The Netherlands are included 😫😫😫 I checked the foreign ministery of affairs web-site and found the new rule would apply the very next day after my arrival ! So it is a pure miracle that I can go back straight just in time !

Shops at Schipol airport are open !

Inside KLM flight ! Only around 20 passengers and usually more than 200!!!

After my arrival at Narita Tokyo airport, I had to do a coronatest. And before my flight I had to do a PCR-test at Amsterdam🤪. So 4 times corona tests for this time (going 2 times and coming back 2 times!!!) And all the people who enter Japan cannot use any public transport for 2 weeks. But you can go to Ueno, because Narita airport is so far from the center of Tokyo. I needed to do a special arrangement in advance to use this train ( compartment only for arrival from abroad ! ). Then my family came to the Ueno station and brought me home at mountains in Tokyo !

What a stressful and crazy time to travel internationally ! But it was a miracle that it went to easy and I am still gratefull I can travel, during a time when Japan prohibites foreigners to enter and Japanese cannot enter the Netherlands !
Anyway I am looking forward to go back to Europe soon and now I am enjoying Miracles in Japan with cherry flowers in full bloom !!!

with Love and Miracles !