2021 March Spring🌸Miracles in mountains in Tokyo!

I am very fine, to be back in Japan! All the shops, cafes & restaurants are open as usual ! This simple thing feels like a Miracle!

Cherry trees are so beautiful !

Today was more than 20 degrees and I went to climb mountains in my neighborhood in Tokyo.

I brought my small bell 🔔 which is called bear bell 🐻. In case so I will not meet them😆

Happy to arrive at the top of the mountain ! Great view. I can see the city of Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama and even Boso Peninsula at Chiba!

I felt a calling to visit the shrine and then go to the backside. I found a huge rock, which looks like ancient time !

Spring trees!

Good to book to be aware of what is really going on ! (second one is a German book and translated in many languages )


Love & Spring 🌸 Miracles !