31th March 2021 Spring Miracles🌸 at Kamakura Japan part 1

Spring time in Japan! I love pink so it makes me happy to see so many pink flowers!

I visit Kamakura once a week. It takes 2 hours by train from the mountains in Japan. Kamakura used to be the capital from the 12th until the 14th centry.

There are many nice cafes and restaurants in Kamakura.

Myohonji temple, built in 1260.

Sakura (cherry tree) is at full bloom 🌸!

Saint Nichiren and Sakura

On the way back I felt I wanted to get off the next station! So I followed this intuition. And luckily the Enkakuji temple closed after 1 hour. So I was just in time to see and feel in a relaxed way!

Beautiful Japanese garden!

It was nurturing to take in old history and the magic of spring nature!

Spring Miracles continue!

with Love & Miracles