9th April 2021. Colorful 🌸 spring at mountains in Tokyo !

1 minutes walk from where I am in Tokyo, there is a path inside the mountains and shrine.

Very steep steps, I need to be aware of bears so I’m ringing bells to let 🐻them know I am here 😊.

Only about 30 minutes walk I am now at top of small mountain with great views of the city of Tokyo!

This is my favorite place for spring! Magical flower mountains !

Like I am in another world ! Special energy here!

Lovely to walk inside nature!

There are some shrines inside this mountain.

This place used to be more holy than the building itself from old times.

Arrived at the top! Great view with so many pink flowers everywhere 🌸!

Cafe time at my favorite small cozy cafe. They have hand made pumpkin cake all year round.

So now you know that Tokyo is not only a city area but there are beautiful mountains too. 😊

with Love & Miracles