Summer Solstice 2021✨ Dance Miracles Tateshina retreat in Nagano, Japan !✨

We just had a Miracle retreat in Tateshina-lake Nagano Japan!
Beautiful and powerful waterfall !!!

We are now in rain☔️ season but Miracle energy brings us Happy sunshine ☀️!!!

Miracle mindfulness time inside nature!!!

Breath and just Be!

Together we can move a huge stone ! 😆 (Or we are moved by the Huge stone ! 😆)

Now is best season for Roses 🌹! This is called Sakura Rose and has sweet fragrance💖

Rose🌹 at Miracle Alter !

Rose 🌹at Pure natural Indian foods!

Eating meditation at Bali style Garden✨

We had a participant who just turned 20 years old. In Japan 20 year is the most important year, as you are now considered as an adult. We had a celebration🥳🥳🥳

Dance and let go for New beginning of Summer Solstice !!! For more Joy and AbunDANCE in life !!!

I am so happy and grateful to have such wonderful Goddesses coming from all the different places in Japan!
And we had such a great time !!!

So looking forward to our retreat time again in beautiful Nagano, Japan!!!

with Love & Miracles〜