Miracle moment✨ after Tateshina Dance Miracles retreat !〜Teddy Bear🧸 Museum, Jomon Ancient holy site

After finishing such a special retreat, I went to Kurumayama which is 2200m above sea level! In front of the hotel!

I heard from the owner of the hotel that there is a holy ancient site from the Jomon Era, which is connected to Lemuria time.

Very quiet special place ! Nagano is so famous for many ancient sites of the Jomon Era.

Few days before the retreat, I felt I want to have more Teddy’s 🧸!And I just heard that there is a Teddy Bear museum which is biggest collection in the world !!! More than 11000 cute Teddy’s!!! This is a Miracle!!!

With Teddy Police!

Teddy International conference!

Sweet couple from Spain💖💖💖

From England🇬🇧!

From US u🇸! First food belly😆😆😆!!!

Stylish Cute Teddy girl from US u🇸!

Arabian Teddy!

Happy to have new sweet Teddy’s in my place!!!

Life is a Sweet Miracles🧸 !!!