“The fastest way to still your mind is to move your body.”

“To dance your dreams, you need to trust your intuition, for your intuition feeds your soul and your soul is the most essential part of you”

Gabrielle Roth

5 Rhythms is dance meditation, anyone who like to move the body freely can do, easy, simple, fun, yet very powerful meditation developed by Gabrielle Roth in the USA.

5 Rhythms are

FLOWING – continuous, round, circular movements (female energy)
STACCATO – clear, sharp, expressive movements ( male energy )
CHAOS – Letting go of control, surrendering to your body, releasing to make space
LYRICAL – After releasing, becomes lighter, dance playfully like child !
STILLNESS – movements becomes more inside, dance into quiet emptiness of just being. Connect deeply with yourself.

There is no good dance or bad dance. You cannot do any wrong in the dance.

Anyone who loves to dance is welcomed !