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Life Miracles ! Spring 2017! 〜Holland ! Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina Maria message and Denmark !

In the Spring of 2017, after enjoying Beautiful Amazing cherry blossoms in Japan, I flew back to Europe. My journey continued in Holland, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croat, Germany and Denmark.
I cannot write them all but like to share some impressive ones.

Spring in North Holland. This is my favorite time in Holland !

After enjoying countless flowers in Holland, I flew to Florence, Italy. Stayed at countryside in Toscana.
In Florence, I saw this PASTA woman !!! After enjoying Roma time, then I flew to Split, Croatia.

After I took a bus for 3 hours, I finally arrived in Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina. In 2017, I was deeply into Mother Mary. I never thought before but I was guided by inner calling. Then felt a calling to visit Medjugorje, where the apparition of Maria is still happening to 6 visionaries.

Since 1981 and still now, Maria, virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, is appearing in Medjugorje and gives messages to the humanity. Even during the war in the 90`s pilgrims were coming from all over the world, but Medjugorje was protected by Maria and was not damaged.

It gave me such an impact to meet prilgrims from all over the world. I stayed at a local guest house & B&B, local people are very welcoming and warmhearted. I felt so safe and at home.

I joined an Irish group ! And visited Mostar. There is a catholic side and islamic side in the town. I had such a great and powerful time in Medjugorje, so I am looking forward to visit again !

After relaxing and digesting my miracles experience in Italy, Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina, I took a trein to Denmark. Slow travel by train is easy and can see different view as countries changes from Holland, Germany then to Denmark. Train went inside Ferry and carried by the water between Germany and Denmark. Very impressive ! Yes is was Hybrid Ferry, good Eco green conscious mind country !!!

Denmark ! Looks like Holland. But Holland has much more over populated and also more land are under sea level than in Denmark.

I joined John retreat. John de Ruiter. Awakened human. In his retreat, you need to ask question. So I did. My question was: “In Japan, even after Fukushima, we are re-activating nuclear power plants. We have 55 plants, all facing the ocean. And now we have a big fear, because North Korea is launching missiles so many times. Is there anything I can do in this earth against so much environmental destruction. Then John answered clearly that ” There is nothing you can do. But we can be deeply & quietly soft in our hearts.”
Here is the YouTube from John`s talk in Denmark.
Clich here

Let`s dance and awaken our hearts and body, so we can be quietly deeply gentle in our hearts.
Thank you for reading my blog ” Life Miracles Spring 2017″ . This continue to Summer 2017.

Love & Miracles