Jan 2022 Meeting beauty ✨& Mystery ⭐️at my birthday trip !

New year 2022 has begun and my NEW  year is also begun as 12th Jan was my birthday ! I have shared some image at our FB and I feel I want to write more about my birthday trip to Enoshima & Kamakura Japan.

On my birthday, I went to visit Tsurugaoka Hachiman shrine. Inside there is a Benzai goddess temple. And I saw many white doves🕊Wow white dove couple passionately loving and kissing ! Yes this year 2022 is the year of AMORE 💖 as it shows in numerology.

Special cute train called Enoden 🚃 took me to the Enoshima. Past 14 years I have visited Enoshima so many times but usually for my dance workshop. This time is purely sightseeing so somehow different NEW feeling 😊!

Enoshima is a small island not so far from Tokyo, ancient history with dragons and goddess. One of the most sacred sites.

This small island is famous for Dragons ! The legend saids Dragons fell in Love with one of the Goddess in this island💖

This bell is called Dragon Love Bell 🔔😆✨ From here I could see big islands of Izu islands. Izu islands are located 290 km (180 miles ) from main part of Tokyo ( yet this islands are  inside Tokyo) which are very similar like Hawaiian islands with its Lemurian energy, Pele and volcanos !

Nature in this island is wonderful food for the Heart💖

A long walk at the steep steps. Up and down, good exercise ! Finally coming to the caves.

Mt.Fuji is so beautiful ! 😍

Very happy! Now I arrived at the Rock Caves from 1500000 years ago !

In the legend, this cave is connected to Mt. Fuji and this line is a very special energy ray line.

Pink dragon! We just entered Aquarian age with divine feminine Love💖 & Light ✨!

After visiting caves, I feel this ray line energy vortex in Japan is real!

I have been traveling around the world sacred site most of the time by myself and to travel alone makes me possible to really only talk to the spirit and follow my inner guidance without any compromising😊 . And traveling is the wonderful way to meet unexpected beauty and surprising synchronicity. Also the preciousness of each moments. Yes Life is a journey ! Oh I also know the beauty of traveling with the other💖 which is like a dance !

Each moment was a miracle gift for my Birthday ! And Thank you so much for all your love and blessings at our sisters circle ⭕️ on my birthday !
Yes Miracle continues〜

with Love & Miracles✨