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Christmas Miracles!

This year was a special Maria year for me ! In 2017, following my inner calling I have visited sacred pilgrimage places for Maria such as Medjugorje, Fatima, Lourdes, Nevers and also Taize, Rome…

And also I was in India in the whole winter and stayed in Arunachala Tiruvanamalai to meditate silent and enjoyed a spriritual adventure.

So at Christmas here in Japan, I found myself meditating Vipassana (mindfulness mediation ) at Christian meditation center called Maria Home !!! This is the only place in Japan, which has such kind of mixture of westen & eastern spirituality at Church. It was such a inspiration to know that the truth is same beyond region. I like unity consciousness !

” Even if Jesus was born 1000 times at Bethlehem, if it is not within me, it is forever useless.”

( 17th century Christian mystic poet Angelus Silesius )

It is up to each of us to give birth to Christ within us. This is such a deep invitation ! I am happy to spend such a meaningful time with lovely people here in Japan at Christmas ! Life is Miracles !!!

Love & Miracles !